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Unionized workers at St. Monica’s Rehabilitation Facility have voted to strike after 20 of them tested positive for coronavirus and one is put on a ventilator, union leaders said.


Both state Rep. Elizabeth Fiedler and state senatorial candidate Nikil Saval were present at a demonstration the union had Friday afternoon.

“I went [Friday] in support of the people who work at St. Monica’s and also the residents and their families,” said Fiedler, who donated 100 face masks to the workers. “It’s really important that everybody who works there has the protective gear they need to protect their health and the health of their residents.”

Saval echoed Fiedler’s sentiment.

“I think this is clearly just an insane situation,” he told SPR at the demonstration. “The situation in nursing homes across the city and the state is that people don’t have access to the things they need. We shouldn’t be out here begging for this.”

Saval called for “more attention to our long-term elder care assistants,” he said. “Well before this point, this was a neglected part of our care system, and the neglect is just even stronger right now when everyone is in a crisis.”

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