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PHILADELPHIA, PA — Nikil Saval, the choice of organized labor and working families, is proud to announce he has earned the endorsement of Senator Bernie Sanders.  Senator Sanders earned approximately 30,000 votes in the district total in 2016 — 44% of the vote total in district. This endorsement immediately follows Councilmember Kendra Brooks endorsing Saval. With endorsements from leading progressives, labor unions and community organizations and over $250,000 raised from over 3,000 contributions, Saval’s campaign is paving the way for victory on June 2, 2020.


Saval was a leader in the Bernie Sanders campaign in 2016 and subsequently went on to co-found Reclaim Philadelphia, elect candidates like Kendra Brooks, Elizabeth Fiedler, Larry Krasner, Isaiah Thomas and Rochelle Bilal, and was elected Leader of the 2nd Democratic Ward. Senator Bernie Sanders is one of the leading voices in the Senate for working families across the country.

“We must elect progressive candidates who will represent our movement at the state level. Because the truth is that real change never happens from the top on down — it happens from the bottom on up [. . .] Nikil Saval is a community activist and leader who is running for the Pennsylvania State Senate. He has taken on luxury hotel developers to fight for the rights of housekeepers, and he helped win back 1,000 jobs for cafeteria workers after budget cuts to the Philadelphia School District resulted in layoffs. He is someone we can count on to fight for working people.” —Senator Bernie Sanders

Saval said, “I am honored to receive the endorsement of Senator Bernie Sanders. I became an organizer because I wanted to build a multiracial working class movement; his was the first national campaign I was involved in to name this goal explicitly. In his campaigns and his legislative career, Senator Sanders has transformed the political landscape of this country—reshaping what is considered politically possible.


Saval’s campaign has raised over a quarter of a million dollars from more than 3,000 individual contributions, and reached out to 75,000 residents of the district by canvassing via phone or at the doors.

Saval has been endorsed by over twenty community organizations and labor unions: Councilmembers Kendra Brooks and Isaiah Thomas, Sheriff Rochelle Bilal, UNITE HERE Philadelphia, Teamsters BMWED-IBT, Laborers’ District Council of Metropolitan Area of Philadelphia and Vicinity, Reclaim Philadelphia, Our Revolution, One Pennsylvania, Neighborhood Networks, Second Generation, Sunrise Philadelphia, 350 Philadelphia, Food and Watch Watch Action Pennsylvania, Democratic Socialists of America Philadelphia Chapter, Data for Progress, the Temple Association of University Professionals, the Faculty and Staff Federation of the Community College of Philadelphia, the First Democratic Ward, the Second Democratic Ward, Pennsylvania Stands Up, Philly SocFem, and LILAC.


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