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Nikil Saval (Democrat)

Author, literary mag editor, South Philly ward leader and left-wing political organizer. Saval, who launched his campaign late last year, is an eclectic political personality by Philly standards.

A co-founder of Reclaim Philly, his roots trace back to Bernie Sanders’ 2016 campaign — and his policies are styled in step. He proposes to establish 1,000,000 new units of affordable housing, statewide rent control, subsidized family care and a Green New Deal climate plan for Pennsylvania. He has also campaigned on criminal justice reforms like ending cash bail.

Among Democratic challengers running this year, Saval was also an early adopter of a policy response to COVID-19 response platform, calling for a moratorium on rent among other proposals.

His campaign has the backing of several progressive groups, City Councilmember Isaiah Thomas and the local Laborers’ District Council union.

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