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PHILADELPHIA, PA — Nikil Saval is proud to announce he has earned the endorsement of State Representative Elizabeth Fiedler (HD 184). Both Saval and Rep. Fiedler are energetic leaders of an exciting and diverse new generation that welcomes participation by people who have traditionally been shut out of politics. They’ve both driven up turnout, brought new people into the process and are dedicated to fighting for working people over big corporations. Saval and Rep. Fiedler, both young parents, are showing that the status quo isn’t good enough and people from all backgrounds and walks of life can, and should, be in positions of power and elected office.


In 2018, with a deep commitment to labor and working people, Fiedler ran against the political establishment and won. In just one week, Saval will do the same. Both are committed to building a Philadelphia that works for all of us.


“Nikil is a hard-working, proven leader whose commitment to working people is clear from his record. He is kind, generous, and brave. Nikil and I both decided to run because we want to show our children that a better world, and a better kind of politics, is possible. I am proud to endorse him for Senate.” —Representative Elizabeth Fiedler


Saval said, “I’m honored to have the endorsement of Representative Elizabeth Fiedler. In less than two years in office, she has become a powerful legislator on climate, education, housing and workers’ rights, and served her constituents tirelessly. She inspired me to run, and I hope to emulate her example.”

Saval’s campaign has raised more than $300,000 from more than 5,300 individual contributions—with 97% coming from small donors. The campaign has made 145,000 phone calls, sent 45,000 text messages, and knocked on 30,000 doors.


This endorsement joins over thirty community organizations, labor unions and local and national organizations and political leaders: U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders, City Councilmembers Kendra Brooks and Isaiah Thomas, Sheriff Rochelle Bilal, District 1199C, UNITE HERE Locals 274, 634, and 54, IBEW Local 98, the Guardian Civic League, Teamsters BMWED-IBT, Laborers District Council of Metropolitan Philadelphia and Vicinity, Reclaim Philadelphia, Our Revolution, One Pennsylvania, Neighborhood Networks, Second Generation, Sunrise Philadelphia, 350 Philadelphia, Food and Watch Watch Action Pennsylvania, Democratic Socialists of America, People’s Action, Data for Progress, the Temple Association of University Professionals, the Faculty and Staff Federation of the Community College of Philadelphia, the First Democratic Ward, the Second Democratic Ward, Pennsylvania Stands Up, Philly SocFem, and LILAC.


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