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Some Democrats have argued against supporting the Working Families Party candidates for City Council. A South Philly ward leader counters that voting them in would make the Democratic Party stronger.


I have served as the elected Democratic leader of the 2nd Ward, in South Philadelphia, since June 2018. I got involved in local politics because I believe the Democratic Party has been and should continue to be the party of labor, civil rights, and public education. I believe it should become, among other things, the party of Medicare-for-All, a Green New Deal, a homes guarantee, universal family care, and an end to mass incarceration.

In Philadelphia’s general election on November 5th, voters will have the opportunity to elect to City Council two candidates running on the Working Families Party ticket who embody commitments to racial, gender, and economic justice. Kendra Brooks and Pastor Nicolas O’Rourke are ardent supporters of labor unions, equitable development, and fully funded schools. They want to end our destructive reliance on fossil fuels and dramatically reduce rates of incarceration. They see the way white supremacy disfigures our city and our politics, and would pursue policies to end it. They come out of and are backed by social movements, and their priorities reflect those of most Democrats in our city.

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