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Climate & Infrastructure

Pennsylvania is at the epicenter of the climate crisis. The state is a massive contributor to the nation’s carbon emissions, and it is home to a variety of frontline communities and displaced fossil fuel workers. We need bold action in these four areas to address the climate crisis and transform our Commonwealth’s infrastructure.

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All people deserve to live in safe, comfortable homes. The cost-of-living crisis and the affordable housing crisis hurt Philadelphians of all income levels, races, and ages. That’s why we need to increase the supply of affordable housing, expand the Whole-Home Repair program, and protect tenants.

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Every child deserves to go to a safe, well-resourced school, but across Philadelphia schools are crumbling. That’s why we need to build fossil-free schools that deliver the highest standards of learning and support. We must fully fund our schools and prioritize equity by maintaining community control and saying no to privatization.

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Caring for one another must be at the heart of how we address the climate crisis and advance racial, gender, and economic justice. We need meaningful public investment in care work to create the conditions for well-paid, safe, healthy, and dignified care jobs across Pennsylvania.

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Public Safety & Mass Liberation

Pennsylvania is a global leader in mass incarceration, but focusing on punishment has not made us safe. It is past time to make Pennsylvania a leader in mass liberation by reducing the cruelty and footprint of our criminal systems, devoting resources to proven anti-violence initiatives, and investing in what helps communities thrive. 

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Pennsylvania is a bastion of organized labor power in America. Our unions keep the Philadelphia economy running and push back unchecked corporate power. It’s time to protect workers, raise wages, and make the economy stronger for everyone.

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