Labor Platform

In recent years, there has been a resurgence of labor power nationwide, but employers have also aggressively pushed back. Pennsylvania is a bastion of organized labor power in America. Our unions keep the Philadelphia economy running and push back unchecked corporate power. It’s time to protect workers, raise wages, and make the economy stronger for everyone. That’s why we need to pursue these five priorities.

1. End the Misclassification of Workers.

Increasingly, corporations and local businesses are wrongly classifying their workers as independent contractors, even though under law they should be considered full time employees. This employee misclassification results in the elimination of rights and benefits for hundreds of thousands of Pennsylvania workers across various industries, from construction to gig app-based platform work, such as Uber and Doordash. This not only impacts workers, but state revenue collected through payroll taxes and our state unemployment insurance fund. This is why we must do everything possible to prevent worker misclassification in Pennsylvania.

2. Fight for a Higher Minimum Wage.

Inflation and significant increases in the cost of living in the last few years have rocked the Pennsylvania working class. Yet, the General Assembly has not raised the minimum wage since 2009, and we continue to be one of the few states throughout the country that has not raised it above the federal level. That means someone working full-time making minimum wage makes less than the Federal Poverty Line. This is injustice, and it’s bad for business. In order for us to have a strong economy, we must take immediate action to help our lowest paid workers.

3. Make All Government Spending Support Project Labor Agreements and Community Benefits Agreements.

Major investments in our state’s infrastructure offer opportunities to create family sustaining jobs, boost our economy, and support communities. Wherever possible, Pennsylvania should require high-quality Project Labor Agreements (PLAs) and Community Benefit Agreements (CBAs) on all large-scale projects.

4. Establish a Just Transition State Fund for Fossil Fuel Workers Transition Assistance.

As Pennsylvania transitions off fossil fuels and winds down fracking and forms of production, workers and communities deserve to stay whole. Pennsylvania should start a state fund for workers to support their transition into new jobs, careers, and retirement.

5. Ensuring the State is Promoting and Expanding Union Rights to All Workers

The national resurgence of the labor movement has been felt throughout Pennsylvania. From service workers overwhelmingly voting to join unions to cultural and higher education workers striking for weeks, organized labor in Pennsylvania is growing. But as more workers join the ranks of organized labor, employers continue to aggressively push back. This is why our state should do everything possible to support organized labor.

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