Education Platform

Build Safe Fossil-Free Schools. To provide Philadelphia students with the education they will need to thrive in our changing world, it’s time to build new schools and renovate existing ones. These efforts should follow planning processes that involve communities in decision-making. The Commonwealth can pay for these schools through appropriations in the short term, and the reestablishment of a strengthened PlanCon program in the long term. Building and renovating schools should also be part of our Commonwealth's response to the climate crisis. We need fossil free schools that keep our students safe, and Pennsylvania should develop school-to-career pipelines for green industries that prepare young people for a warming world – while ensuring they have good jobs and the ability to stay within their communities for their careers.

Ensure Every Public School Delivers the Highest Standards of Learning and Support. To maximize learning and support students’ social, emotional, and material needs, we need to increase school funding. It’s time to enact a fair share tax plan to raise additional money for schools through taxes on the richest individuals, biggest businesses, and wealthiest institutions. This revenue should run through the fair funding formula to ensure increased levels of support staff and lower class sizes in high-needs school districts. For too long Philadelphians have been hoping that universities with tens of billions of dollars and massive hospital operators with enormous profit margins will volunteer to pay their fair share while students, teachers, and school staff deal with crumbling buildings and overcrowded classrooms. That’s why it’s time to end the property tax exemption for wealthy institutions, and use the resulting proceeds to fund public education.

1. Build Safe, Fossil-Free Schools to Provide a 21st Century Standard of Learning for All Students

2. Equitably Ensure Every Public School Delivers a High Standard of Learning and Support

3. Maintain Community Control and Fight School Privatization.

Public funds must go to public goods. Full stop. That means ending all forms of vouchers or tax credits that siphon money from public schools and hand it out to private schools.

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