Care Platform

Caring for one another must be at the heart of how we address the climate crisis and advance racial, gender, and economic justice. Care work — including child care, elder care, domestic work, and care for people with disabilities — is life-giving, life-sustaining work that is often invisibilized, underpaid or unpaid, and under-resourced. We need meaningful public investment in care work to create the conditions for well-paid, safe, healthy, and dignified care jobs across Pennsylvania.

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1. Paid Time Off to Care for Loved Ones: Making Our Commonwealth Supportive for All

Pennsylvanians deserve time to care for our loved ones in times of need — from when a new baby is born to when a family member develops an unexpected illness. Right now, too many Pennsylvanians have to make the impossible choice between a receiving paycheck or caring for a loved one. That’s why we need paid family and medical leave policies that would make Pennsylvania the most supportive state in the country for meeting care needs.

2. High-Road Jobs for Caregivers: Taking Care of the Workers who Care for Us

Pennsylvania’s caregivers — including childcare workers, teachers, nursing home workers, home and community care workers — are the backbone of our communities. Their work is an engine of our Commonwealth’s economy. Raising wages for Pennsylvania’s home care workforce will help address critical shortages, and enacting a Bill of Rights for domestic workers — some of the most vulnerable workers in the State — will ensure their essential work meets dignified standards. Care workers deserve high quality, union jobs and fair pay.

3. High-Quality Affordable Child Care: Taking Care of Our Future

Between closures caused by COVID and lack of support for the workforce, child care availability is reaching a crisis of inaccessibility and unaffordability in Pennsylvania. With an estimated 68% of Pennsylvania children younger than 6 years old living in a household with two working parents, ensuring high-quality, affordable child care is crucial for a functioning society.

4. Ensuring Dignified Long-Term Care: Honoring Our Elders and Those who Care for Them

Despite the increasing need for caregivers to support older adults, people with disabilities, and their families, existing policies to support individuals and their families and caregivers fall short. Universal long term care coverage for Pennsylvanians will ensure dignified and stable long-term care.

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